Student-centric, student-owned portfolio and networking tool

Students use trovvit to capture what they are learning and who they are learning with to get ahead.  Grow your network, grow your portfolio, grow your opportunities. 

Grow your learning network

trovvit creates a way for learners to find pathways and opportunities from the people and organizations they already know and trust. Grow your learning network by connecting with the people who help you most and the schools and organizations that you learn from.

trovvit connections screenshot

trovvit trove screenshot

Grow your portfolio

Capture and share records in trovvit. Every record is organized into your own private trove (thus the name!) and can be used to create beautiful portfolios of your work and experience. Use your portfolios to show what you know when applying to schools, internships, colleges and jobs.

Grow your opportunities

Create a beautiful and professional profile/resume that is designed for students. Grow your network and opportunities by connecting with your schools, camps and youth organizations. Use your trovvit account to apply to schools, internships, jobs and colleges.

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