"All of my work - photos, videos, certificates, school work - is in trovvit. When I want to apply to an opportunity or share with a group, I simply look in my trove, select key records and, with the touch of a button, add them to my portfolio."



Document what you build / hack / create!

   Upload photos of robots

 Film what you make and break

   Show how your code works 

   Narrate your thought process

  Get feedback from your maker teacher


“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”  — Einstein


All in one place

Your records are stored in your own private "trove".  Record and remember what you learned from school, camp, after-school programs, sports, art, travel, personal milestones and more!

Quickly find a record to share in your feed, via email or use for your public portfolio!



Networks matter

More than ever we rely on our network. For learners this means building and staying in touch who can help us on our learning pathway.   

With trovvit you can start building your network and remain connected with mentors, teachers, pastors, coaches as well as your schools, camps, youth organizations and more.


Show the real you!

Every student can share their unique story in the application process for high school, college, scholarships, internships, jobs, and more. 


Students need a professional way to share who they are and what they know.  trovvit offers every student an online resume and a professional portfolio. 


We're mobile just like you!  Download our app and start using trovvit today!