Student portfolios that show the whole student

Create student portfolios that show your full story. trovvit’s student-centric and student owned portfolio is designed for Kindergarten through college. Students can take their account with them from grade to grade and school to school. Age appropriate, student-safe there has never been a better way to show what you know.

90% of first impressions happen online. Make yours count.

90% of first impressions happen online. Make yours count.

trovvit’s all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to take control of your online presence and own your #1 search result. Only trovvit offers a customized student resume for all ages, digital portfolio — with our Live Portfolio — and progress-folios.

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Always with you

Create records as they happen. Share them in your private feed with others or keep them private in your trove. When you are ready to show what you know simply select the records you want to tell your story. All portfolios are come with a professional student profile/resume so people can see what you have done and where you have done it.

Free for students

Hey, we get it. You’re a student. trovvit makes our core service for students free. Yup. You’re the future and heaven knows we need to invest in that. So get out there and change the world for the better. We know you can do it.


Live Portfolios

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and capture it you’ll forget all that you have done. That’s the quote right? No? Well, we make it easy to capture what you are learning and post it instantly to your portfolio with our Live Portfolio.

Get seen

Sure it’s nice to have a bazillion ‘likes’ but with trovvit you get seen by the people and institutions that can help you most. So go ahead, post that duckface selfie online but when you’re ready to show how you really ride, show it on trovvit.


LIVE Portfolio - Records are better when they’re in motion

trovvit’s is the only platform offering LIVE Portfolios. With love portfolios users can add to them real time allowing people to see their portfolio grow as things happen.