Gain insights and help your students get ahead with GUIDE

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trovvit’s GUIDE™ makes it easier for school counselors to keep their students on track from the moment they connect with your school.

School counselors play a critical role in a students career: from the first day they arrive, choosing classes, matching internships, building a resume and applying to jobs and college.

Yet, the average ratio of school counselor to student in the US is 1:500. In some states it is almost 1:1000. Twenty percent of our high schools have no school counselor at all. Schools counselors need help.

School counselors use GUIDE to:

  • Provide a powerful student-focused profile/resume for all students

  • Educate students about their digital footprint

  • See reports on all students’ profile status, records created and connections

  • Review each individual student’s progress, profile and connections

  • Find students based on grade, interests and extracurriculars

  • Share a student’s profile with schools, colleges, internships and jobs

  • Remain connected to students even after they graduate

trovvit GUIDE dashboard

GUIDE Profile page screen

trovvit’s GUIDE™ helps students:

  • Curate a professional online profile/resume

  • Design an online portfolio for school, college, internship and job applications

  • Capture key learning moments and certificates that happen in and out of school

  • Reflect on learning and extracurricular accomplishments

  • Receive and share records from classes and clubs at school

  • Build a robust library of records — a trove

GUIDE will be available this August. Pre-order today!

trovvit is a godsend for any school counselor. We can more easily get to know our students and help them find the best pathways.
— Sarah H., School Counselor

GUIDE™ is an add-on feature and requires CONNECT™.

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