Bring learning to life with trovvit GROUP


trovvit GROUP™ provides a safe and secure place for students to show what they are doing and learning.

Use GROUP™ to support sports, theater, makerspaces, genius hour, project-based learning, experiential learning and more.

trovvit GROUP™ helps students build a practice of learning, reflection and sharing with others. When a student creates work, trovvit GROUP™ helps them reflect on their process, share it with peers, gather feedback and encouragement from others and connect to the people who can help them the most.

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trovvit GROUP™ is easy to set up and manage. Create a group and invite users to join using a code or their email. Records of work created by students can be visible to the entire group or monitored by the group owner before being shared. When a GROUP ends, each user keeps only the records they created or copied ensuring that their trove remains organized and relevant.

Setting up trovvit GROUP is easy
trovvit GROUP has transformed the way my students capture and reflect on their work and interact and support one another.
— Nancy A, Middle School Teacher

GROUP™ is an add-on feature and requires CONNECT™.

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