Frequently Asked Questions

What is trovvit?

trovvit is your personal learning history that you can access anytime from a connected device. You can upload photos, documents and videos to create a record of what you do -- your passions and projects. Using trovvit you can share your records with friends and family in a visually compelling private feed, or you can curate a portfolio to share with targeted viewers -- schools, colleges, employers, mentors.  

How do I get my school on trovvit?

Easily. Simply invite your school to register by going here and fill in the form. Someone from the trovvit team will reach out and get the school up and running in no time.

Can I set up an account for my child?

Yes!  When you sign up initially with trovvit, you will be asked to set up an account for each of your children. These accounts are individual and your child can take ownership of this account when they turn 13.   

Can my partner (or caregiver) and I have seperate accounts, yet both be able to manager and add to the kids' accounts?

Yes, you can do this through settings.  You can add your partner (or a caregiver) by going to settings under your account, choosing My Children, click on your child's name/avatar, and then you are given the option to add an additional guardian to the account.

How much does trovvit cost?

trovvit accounts are free for users.  There are premium services available to user but our goal to serve as many students as possible and help them on their learning journey.

Is trovvit private? If I add photos and details of my children, who else has access to my information?

trovvit is totally private.  The only people who can see what you upload into an account are the people you invite to follow that account.  You can also choose to show some records to one group (e.g. family), some records to another group (coaches, friends, mentors).  Not everything is interesting to everyone. Let's not oversharent!