Build your students’ social capital with trovvit CONNECT

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trovvit helps students build social, emotional and learning capital by capturing what they are learning and who they are learning with.

CONNECT enables your school to quickly and easily provide every student with a trovvit account that is connected to your school.

Students take their trovvit account with them from year to year — and keep it after graduation!

Make your school a force multiplier in your students’ learning network. With trovvit CONNECT™ your school can instantly increase your students’ connections -- from a few to thousands -- and provide each student with a safe and secure way to capture what they are learning and who they are learning with.

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Every student gets a trovvit account which includes:

  • Progress-folio

  • Student Resume

  • Portfolio

  • Learning Network

  • Digital Citizenship tools

With CONNECT™ your school can:

  • Keep in touch with your students

  • View their student resumes and portfolios

  • Be part of their learning network

  • Use trovvit in parent/teacher meetings, presentations and digital citizenry

Getting started on trovvit is easy
The goal of our education system ... should be to arm all young people with networks that can reliably expand access to support, guidance, new opportunities and positive outcomes.
— Julia Freeland Fisher

Build on CONNECT™ with these tools:


Add GROUP™ to support project-based learning, experiential learning, art, sports, makerspaces and more.


Add GUIDE™ to gain access and insights into your students. Help students apply to internships, schools and jobs.