How to keep track of a season's worth of games in trovvit

Where did the sport season go?  

A season on a team offers highs and lows, victories and defeats, games when the team comes together and moments of individual triumphs and failures.  It’s epic, folks!  

But at the end of the season those great pictures and videos are stuck in your phone, you’ve forgotten which moment happened in which game, and the lessons learned begin to dribble away . . . Follow these five easy steps and you will have a story of the season you can reflect on and share with people who matter.  

Step One: (seconds) 

Make it to the game!  Photograph (or scan) the practice and game schedule and save it in trovvit.  Now you always have it, on your phone, wherever you are. Share it with family through trovvit, so they can know when to come and cheer.

Step Two: (minutes) 

Create a trovvit record of the game.  Take 4-5 photographs, a short video of a great play, a team picture, a funny moment on the bus.  Upload them into a record and give a brief description.  Sure, include the score but games are always more than that.  Write a little something about what was great, what was miserable, what lessons you learned, what it felt like in a moment of triumph.  If you are younger, tell your story to your parent and they can include it in the record.

Step Three: (seconds) 

Share the record of the game.  Your coach or trainer would like a record of the team’s performance.  Your grandparents or other family is curious about how it went.  They can leave a comment of encouragement (or commiseration!).  

Step Four:  

Rinse and repeat for the season.  At the end of the season, you’ll have as many records as games played.  

Step Five: (minutes) 

Create a trovvit portfolio of the season.  This is super fun and easy.  Pull all the records and their descriptions into a portfolio - drag and drop them into order. You can share this larger story with your team, your coaches, a camp or college athletic director.

You're done!  A whole season in trovvit!  

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