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rv adventures, part one: destination wedding in the sierra nevadas

T. Robinson, Mono Lake, 2008

T. Robinson, Mono Lake, 2008

Sometimes it's hard having adventurous outdoorsy friends.  Destination wedding at a ranch off the grid in the Sierra Nevadas?  Bring the kids?  Oh, yes! But, where to stay? We didn't want to camp out, because the kids were 7 and 5 and the weatherman predicted snow. The nearest hotel was in Bridgeport, 45 minutes away and cost $300/night for two rooms. Given all the events at the ranch, we'd be driving back and forth all day and night.  What to do? 

T. Robinson, FFF, 2008

T. Robinson, FFF, 2008

RV.  Or, as I like to call it: my Land Yacht.

We reserved a cabover FS31, called the “Chalet” for pickup in Reno, Nevada.  For $200/night we had a house and transportation.  It was epic.

Torrance was already in California and called me the night before I took off with the kids, "Pack their ski jackets." It was 80 degrees in New York, I thought he was insane.  "It's snowing here," he said.  We landed in Reno and walked out of Arrivals to find a 31 foot white RV waiting at passenger pick up, Torrance behind the wheel. The side door opened, stairs flipped down and we boarded with our luggage. We hit Trader Joe’s for groceries and Torrance cooked our first dinner of pasta and sauce in the Target parking lot while I picked up supplies.

Driving to Bridgeport that night, we listened to tunes, cosy and warm, kids tucked into the bunkbeds in the back. Pulled into Twin Lakes Campground in the dark and then snuggled into our double bed in our room at the stern. In the morning the picture window over our bed framed snow covered mountains. Drove to the ranch and dropped anchor next to the wedding tent. 

Kids were ecstatic - our RV was a like a tree house on wheels. I fed them real food, when they were hungry. Never had to stop to pee.  


We were at the ranch for an afternoon hike, evening rehearsal dinner, morning wedding, afternoon horse shoe competition and an all night party in the tent. 

T. Robinson, FFF, 2008

T. Robinson, FFF, 2008

Then, we hit the road!  Saw Mono Lake and explored an old volcano, with enormous light pumice stones and deep black obsidian.

T. Robinson, Mono Lake, 2008

T. Robinson, Mono Lake, 2008

We were the only tourists poking around Brodie Ghost Town in the snow.

T. Robinson, Brodie, 2008

T. Robinson, Brodie, 2008

Snow had closed the pass to Yosemite, so we spent a night at June Lake.


We were RV converts.  

For years “RV curious” friends have asked me how, where, when and what. Now that I have trovvit, I’ve created a “record” of this trip that includes pictures and travel details that I can easily share.  If you would like a trovvit records of this intinerary, email us at  Then when you take your RV trip, you can make record in trovvit ( and share it with your friends -- so we can spread the RV love.

Travel Details:

RV: We rented the FS31 from El Monte RV rentals in Reno.  You can check out the floor plans as well at

We liked the FS31, because it has bunk beds for the kids, a double bed in its own room for us, a full shower and a pop-out side to make a larger living space when we were camped.  For around $200, El Monte provides all linens (sheets, blankets, towels and pillows) and a full kitchen kit.  

Campgrounds: (This is an amazing site where you can not only reserve your site in almost any park in America BUT they have photos showing the view from your campsite!)

Lower Twin Lakes Campground, ($24 for up to 35 feet - no electric hook up).

June Lake Camground ($22 for up to 60 feet - no electric hook up) with a gorgeous view over June Lake.

Campgrounds are often run by a nice retired person who checks you in, takes your money and often has firewood you can buy for roasting marshmallows over the firepit!

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