advice for new parents ...

Start as you mean to go on.

I think this was the single most valuable piece of advice I got when I became a parent.  Parenting is a series of choices made in chaos and the more that you can nail down healthy habits that you think will serve you in the long term, oddly, the more flexibility you have for the fun and silliness of kids.  For example, if you think your kid (and you) will be happier if they nap everyday, then choose a time, commit, and put them in their room everyday.  If you cook for your kids and want to prepare one meal per seating, then resist the temptation to cater to tastes, and prepare one meal.  This advice also applies to the dreaded babybook . . . .

When Skye and Charlie were born and throughout their babyhoods, I wanted to keep all the wonderful mementos - wrist I.D.’s, birth announcements, baby footprints, notes from friends, and records of their first foods, words, steps.


But it was chaos, so I did my best and threw everything in a 3-ring binder.  It didn’t get any less busy as they headed into preschool - so into the binder went first stories, drawings, letters from my parents, class pictures.  It looked nothing like the classy babybook someone had given me, but it was saved (kind of ) somewhere at least.

If I were having a baby today, I’d start as I meant to go on - and save it all to trovvit.  I’d start with sonograms and share it with family and a few friends (Facebook is nice, but do all those folks really want to see pictures of your sonogram?).  A photo of Skye in that beautiful blanket shared with the aunt who gave it.

That video of Charlie climbing out of the crib onto the mantel (yikes!).  The email my mom wrote when she looked after Skye for a weekend.  And then trovvit would also be there for first school days, poems, t-ball.  

What is the purpose of putting these things into trovvit?  Nostalgia?  Yes.  

But it is also a record of an evolution.  Skye and Charlie love to flip through their binders - messy and odd tho’ they are.  “Who wrote this note?  Were my feet really that small?  How old was I when I drew that?”   

But much of Skye and Charlie’s special moments are buried deep in a photo library somewhere.  (Just finding the images for this post took FOREVER)  

I’m slowly digging them out - birthday parties, halloween costumes -- and loading them into trovvit.  It’s fun for me to have a record of them - birth to teen - and important for them to be able to see how far they’ve come . . .

And now I’ve started as I mean to go on with trovvit - all of their sports, music, adventures, artwork is collected and shared - sometimes once a week - sometimes multiple times a day- through trovvit.