BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- October 12, 2015 -- Avidly anticipated by busy parents across the borough, trovvit took its first step toward wider availability by soft launching to a beta group of 100 lucky, lucky people.  

Brooklyn’s groovy apartment dwelling families breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the brown paper bags full of artwork that have colonized the coat closet, can finally be uploaded to trovvit.  Now, those spectacular works can be seen on Dad’s trovvit bin board, delighting him daily, along with other bins, such as Robotics Camp, Circus Flying and John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  Grandma and Grandpa in El Paso, Texas, hooked on trovvit’s private feed, pull up a video of Trey doing a 360 spin in the Bay Ridge skatepark.

All kidding aside, trovvit is a vital tool for 21st century learners and their parents. Increasingly, kids can and expect to learn from a variety of sources, both online and around the corner, formal and informal.  But there is no report card for these successes and failures.  trovvit is a report card for the 21st century.  Using trovvit's private feed and public portfolio, a kid can show running multi year growth.  Visual, fun, full, narrative.  Kids can keep these records private or share them with mentors, coaches and colleges.

Really?  Ain’t it just some fancy scrapbooking?  A humblebrag book for GenX parents? Anybody out there really care?

Yessir!  On Tuesday, October 29, a coalition of 80 colleges (all the Ivies plus) announced that they will begin accepting student portfolios as part of online applications in 2016. Will they accept a trovvit portfolio?  We’ll have to see, but until then, it’s a good idea to start corralling those poems and sculptures and science projects and novels and circus tricks all in one place.

And now that we’re talking seriously, the BIG idea is that trovvit could be the bridge between a kid who doesn’t know that what he DOES (perhaps not an obviously academic thing) may be exactly what a college is looking for . . . Captured on his phone and shared with a college through a trovvit portfolio, this can become his calling card.  In an effort to find this kid, colleges are shifting their applications away from rote, and into reality. trovvit is ready to help.