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Learn it!

Your teachers and students are doing amazing work everyday that isn’t captured in a report card.  Science projects, field trips, performances - all kinds of experiential learning happening everywhere!



Save it!

Record those experience in a trovvit “record” - tell the story with text, photographs and video.  It takes seconds with a smartphone.  



Share it!

With Students and Parents:   A report card is valuable, but so is a record of a performance, a work of art, a science project.  Share a validated trovvit record of this work with students and parents.  

With Alumni:  Once a student saves a trovvit record to their own account they remain linked to your school - no matter where they go next!



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Create a school page

Add your school to trovvit.  Fill in your profile, add your logo and invite other teachers and administrators. Accredited schools get trovvit premium for free!


Invite your students

Invite your students and their parents to connect on trovvit.  Students with a trovvit account can receive records from teachers, teams and groups.  They can save records to their own trove, and create meaningful visual portfolios of work (hello college applications!).  Finally students with a trovvit account will remain connected to your school as alumni.