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Learn it!

Your teachers and students are doing amazing work everyday that isn’t captured in a report card.  Science projects, field trips, performances - all kinds of experiential learning is happening everywhere!

Now you can capture those events in one centralized and organized place. 



Save it!

Creating records on trovvit is easy. Use your phone, tablet or computer to easily create, tag and share a record.

As more records are created, your school will build a trove of important artifacts and information that can be accessed, shared and used by your faculty and staff.

Records can be shared with targeted students and parents, promoted on social media and used for reflection.




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Share it!

A report card is valuable, but so is a record of a performance, a work of art, a science project.  Share a validated trovvit record of this work with students and parents.  

Students can comment on the record and even save a copy in their own account to remember, save or share.

And trovvit works with you alumni.  Once connected, your school remains linked to a student helping build an important alumni network for your school and for your your students.