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The fast, easy and affordable way to empower your school counselor


School counselors use trovvit's Counselor Companion™ to keep students on track from the day they enter school.  Students use the Counselor Companion to keep track of projects and passions.

Counselor Companion™ helps your school counselors:

  • Educate students about their digital footprint

  • Build a powerful student-centric resume for each student

  • Review an individual student's growing online profile and portfolios

  • Access a dashboard showing the status of all students' trovvit accounts

  • Guide students in choosing and applying to schools, internships, colleges and jobs

  • Connect with current students and alumni 


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trovvit's reporting tools enable a counselor to review the profile and portfolio "health" of the student body, drill down on one student's work, and receive notifications when a student has updated a profile or portfolio. 

trovvit’s Counselor Companion™ helps students:

  • Create and manage a professional online profile/resume

  • Capture key learning moments that happen in and out of school and store certificates and awards 

  • Receive and share records of those learning experiences with a class or club at school

  • Grow a robust "trove" of work to roll-up into a curated portfolio 

  • Apply to schools, internships and jobs using this online profile and portfolio

  • Reflect on learning and extra-curricular accomplishments and failures

  • Build their learning network





Students (and their parents) receive weekly updates on progress and reminders to add to their trovvit account.

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