Welcome to the 2017 Illini 4-H Summer Academies

This year, participants are invited to sign-up and own their own trovvit account.  trovvit is a student-owned student-centric portfolio and profile app that allows you to capture what you know and share it with others.


With trovvit you will be able to:

1. Capture and keep private records (like posts) of your experiences

2. Connect with friends and counselors to build a network

3. Share records with parents, friends, mentors and others

4. Create a public facing profile and curated portfolio


4-H will be using trovvit to connect with you to share information, answer your questions and encourage you to capture your experiences and connections.  

At the end of Summer Academies you keep your trovvit account, all of your records and all of your connections.  We encourage you to continue to use trovvit to capture other learning experiences and grow your network of contacts.  

1. Download the app on your phone:

2. Create a trovvit account

3. Fill out your profile

4. Accept the invite to connect from 4-H

5. Create records of your 4-H experiences

6. Share your best ones with your 4-H group

For more information on Illini Summer Academies click HERE


We look forward to seeing you this summer!